A faith community church is closing its doors, leaving its members reeling

The community church at Kirkwood College, where Kirkwood’s students work, has closed its doors.

The Kirkwood Community Church of Christ, a Christian congregation founded in 1991, closed its last Sunday service on July 23.

The church’s Facebook page says that the church will be closed on Sept. 23, but the post says that this will be followed by a period of community and prayer, and that a new church will open to serve those in need in the fall.

Kirkwood’s campus is located on Kirkwood Drive, a stretch of rural land just south of the city of Kirkwood.

A new community center is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021, but that building has yet to open.

The college, which serves students from around the world, is part of the Kirkwood Lutheran Community Church network, which includes other Christian institutions and churches in the area.

The College has a long history of supporting Christian institutions, including its namesake school, Kirkwood Presbyterian Church.

The church’s leaders have been involved in the school’s philanthropic work.

The university and the Kirkland community say they do not have any plans to reopen the church, but will work with the community and provide counseling services for those affected.