Bronx College students protest outside of campus: ‘We’re here to protest’

Protesters at Bronx Community College were confronted by police Monday afternoon after a group of students gathered outside of the campus to protest what they believe is an assault on a former Bronx High School student.

The students gathered at the intersection of Washington and Monroe Streets just after 2 p.m. and walked away from the protest in what appeared to be a peaceful protest.

In a video obtained by ESPN, one of the students said she was attacked in the parking lot of the Bronx Public Library on Monday morning and was forced to take off her shoes and shoeshoes.

The video also shows a man telling another protester that “he’s going to beat you up.”

The woman is heard asking him if he is “going to beat her up,” and the man responds that he is going to “beat her up a little bit,” before yelling “I’m going to hit her, and I’m going help her.”

The man appears to then point a gun at the protester, saying, “You want to kill a woman?

You’re going to kill her.”

Bronx Community Director Daniel Krol said that officers approached the protesters and told them they were not to leave the area.

“Officers were very supportive and very polite to the students,” Krol told ESPN.

“At no time did any officer threaten to arrest the students or anyone else, but we do have our concerns about the way this has unfolded.”

The protest was planned several months ago, according to Krol.

The Bronx police department told ESPN that the group had planned to march to the school’s office and that it did not know of the incident that led to the arrests.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, President of the Board of Trustees David Ritter said the students had “demonstrated their right to free speech,” adding that the school would continue to review the situation.

Krol said the college’s community service program was in place to assist the students who were arrested, but that he did not have details about how many students had been arrested.

The incident comes just two days after an 18-year-old woman was attacked by an unknown assailant at a West Virginia University campus.

A 21-year old woman was also arrested in that incident and charged with assault.