‘Community’ returns to NBC for Season 5, which premieres Wednesday night

In the wake of the devastating hurricane season, NBC is renewing the hit comedy “Community” for a fifth season.

The decision was made in conjunction with NBCUniversal, the studio that produces the series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The decision comes a week after NBCUniversal CEO Kevin Reilly said that he is “seriously considering” a fifth run of the critically acclaimed series.

The show has been a major hit on social media and on its own in the United States and abroad.

In addition to the renewal, the series will continue to be produced by Dan Harmon, who has been the show’s executive producer since its premiere in 2012.

The move is likely to appease fans of the show, whose season five premiere was one of the most-watched of the season.

While the show has not aired a season since its debut in 2014, it has garnered a loyal following among fans.

The series is produced by Sony Pictures Television, which produced “Community.”

Harmon said in a statement that the show will continue on NBC.

“The Community we know and love is alive and well on NBC, and we are thrilled to continue the great legacy of the series that brought audiences together and made it the number one show on television for a decade,” Harmon said.

“We look forward to continuing the great work of Dan Harmon and the talented team at Sony Pictures TV.”

“Community” Season 5 is set to air in 2019.

The renewal comes amid a growing crisis for the network.

It announced a number of moves to shore up its operations amid the storm, including the sale of its content acquisition company, Universal Pictures, to Time Warner Inc. and a move to buy NBCUniversal.