Dental community in warhammer community,dentists not immune to online threats

Dental and dental equipment suppliers in a community in the northern German state of Saxony, including some with offices in Canada, have had to deal with a barrage of online threats in the past two years, including threatening to kill dental staff.

The threats have come mostly in the form of phone calls and social media messages.

The threats have included photos of people in masks and the threat of mass shootings, as well as a threat that an employee would be stabbed to death.

One of the targets of the threats is the family of an employee who has been with the company for 18 years.

The threat came after a dentist who had been at the dentist’s office for the past four years, was fired.

The dentist was shocked by the online attacks, and contacted the company and its parent company in the city of Hessen.

The company has a contract with the family to run their dental clinic.

The family has been working there since 2014, according to the dentist.

He has seen his staff grow from 10 to 40, with two dental assistants now working full time.

He says he is not worried, and thinks that if he had to make a choice, he would keep working.

A German dental school has said the attacks are a serious threat.

Dental experts are urging dental professionals in Germany to remain vigilant, and to be aware of threats they may receive.