Gardeners of Mass Bay, Edencombe Community College have a new friend

A community garden in Edencombe, Mass., is helping to boost the economy by supplying food to a growing number of hungry families.

Key points:Residents of Massbay Community College are able to shop at the community garden for items like vegetables and fruit”There are no jobs in Edenborough”It’s a great way for people to help out, said one local.

It is also a great place for the students to gather to work on their classes, said another.

The garden is run by Edencombe Village Community College, which is a joint venture between Edencombe College and Edencombe Valley Community College.

“We do have a great number of students, but we have some students that can’t do anything for themselves,” said Edencombe Villager, who runs the garden.

“They can’t go out for a walk.

They can’t even take the kids to the local park and there are a lot of people that are homeless or in need of support.”

The garden has been growing over the past two years.

It has now become one of the biggest gardens in the city, said Edenbrook Community College’s head of garden, John Williams.

“It has become quite a thriving business,” he said.

“For people to come in and shop in this garden they’re actually going to buy items that are going to help their families.”

The community garden has become a mainstay for the gardeners, who come in from across the community.

“The students are going out to the garden to pick up the vegetables and stuff,” said one resident.

“And then they go home and they’re eating and they get back into their classes.”

In addition to food, the community has been giving away free food to schoolchildren who are in need.

“One of the students was picking up a bunch of carrots and they said, ‘we’re going to give them to the kids,'” said Mr Williams.

The community has also opened a number of free and discounted health clinics.

“All the clinics have been fantastic,” Mr Williams said.”[The students] just do it because it’s such a wonderful thing.

They’re not looking for money.

It’s just about providing them with the food and the support.”

Community gardening has been a regular part of the Edencombe community since it opened.

“I think it’s been great for the people in the community,” said Mr Williamson.

“There’s no job in Edenbury, but that’s not to say we don’t have people out there that work in the local community.”

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