Georgia Tech suspends football coach for sexual harassment

Georgia Tech football coach Matt Viator was suspended from coaching the football team indefinitely and the school’s board of regents voted unanimously on Tuesday to do the same.

Georgia Tech released the following statement:”The Board of Regents of Georgia Tech has unanimously approved the suspension of Coach Viator and has suspended him for the remainder of the 2014 football season.

Coach Viators performance on the field, especially in the absence of football games, will not be reflected on the football program.

Coach is being placed on leave of absence.

The Board of Trustees will meet on January 11, 2015 to review the findings of the Board of Directors regarding Coach Viater.

The full Board will have the opportunity to review and make its decision on Coach’s suspension in the coming days.

The football team will be on leave for a period of at least one week.”

The suspension is effective immediately and Coach Viato will not return to the field until January 11th, 2015.

He will not participate in team activities or be part of team-related events.

“The decision was a response to the university’s investigation into Viator’s sexual harassment allegations, which included an internal investigation that led to the removal of coach.

The university said it also received a report from the NCAA on Viator.

Viator’s suspension is not retroactive and it was not the first time the university has investigated the coach.

In March 2014, Viator said he had been sexually harassed by another student.

In May 2014, he resigned from the football staff after he was accused of sexually harassing another student at the school.

In June 2014, the school said it would terminate its relationship with Viator, who had led the football squad since 2007.

He was the team’s coach from 2011 to 2013, and his dismissal followed a scathing report in which the NCAA said he violated the school�s anti-discrimination policy.

The school has said the NCAA did not receive enough evidence to determine if Viator had violated the policy.

The university has had a rocky relationship with the football coaching staff.

In 2013, Viators firing was blamed on the firing of former offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson, who was fired by Georgia Tech in January 2014.

Wilson was fired after the team lost to Georgia Tech on Oct. 1.

He later said he was fired for personal reasons.

Georgia State, which is not a member of the Big South Conference, has a 3-6 record and has not been to the College Football Playoff championship game since 2012.