HOPE COACHING LICENSING CRISIS: Feds, local governments ask for more time

A federal lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Washington seeks to expand a state program that allows licensed health care professionals to perform CPR and other medical services for people in crisis and their families.

The lawsuit by Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Connecticut and Minnesota names four licensed providers and says they are not adequately trained to handle patients who are at risk of death, such as those in mental illness and those who are terminally ill.

The suit also names a local government in New York and its director of public safety, saying that state’s program does not comply with federal guidelines.

The American Heart Association, which represents the medical community, said the lawsuit is a “clear violation” of the law.

It said the law’s requirement that licensed health professionals perform CPR on people in distress “requires that they also provide life-saving medical services to their patients and that these medical services must be performed under the supervision of trained professionals.”

This is a clear violation of the federal law and should be reversed immediately,” said Amy Smith, president of the AHA’s Association of American Hospitals.

It also says the law requires licensed health providers to inform patients and their caregivers when a doctor has given CPR or any other medical treatment, including when they are in distress.

Federal officials have said the state’s licensing system does not meet its requirements.

In response, the state said in a statement that it is “reviewing the suit filed today and will address the specific claims raised.”

The state’s Health Care Access Fund, which administers the program, has said it is reviewing the lawsuit and will respond to it.

It did not respond to a request for comment on Monday.

The federal lawsuit seeks to require that licensed providers be trained and certified to perform these services.

It also seeks to increase the amount of training for the licensing system, expand the number of licensed providers, establish a system for reporting errors and establish additional requirements for health care providers.

The lawsuit says that the program is a critical component of the nation’s health care system.