How a California community college has saved $1M on an electric wheelchair

The Vista Community College in Vista, California, has used the savings from a donation of a $1 million electric wheelchair to help pay for an expanded nursing and clinical care center.

The wheelchair, which the college received in 2017, was donated by the company Blue Cross Blue Shield of California.

The college, which has a population of approximately 11,000, also uses the wheelchair for classroom instruction and medical appointments.

“We’re really proud of the partnership with Blue Cross,” said Tina Perna, the school’s president.

“It was a big part of our fundraising effort to make the wheelchair accessible to people who might not have access to a wheelchair.”

The wheelchair is a hybrid electric wheelchair that uses a combination of sensors and motion sensors to detect when it is being used.

The technology allows the college to monitor the user’s speed and position to allow for better treatment, the college said.

“One of the things that was really cool was that we had an electronic device that could read their heart rate, because we have to make sure that they are getting enough oxygen,” Pernar said.

The electric wheelchair, named the “Sandy,” was built by Blue Cross and is capable of a maximum speed of approximately 25 miles per hour and a maximum distance of up to 40 feet.

“The wheelchair is extremely durable and has a battery pack that lasts for four years, so it’s very portable,” Penna said.

Pernac said the wheelchair has a built-in ventilator, and it has a fully functional wheelchair lift that is designed to allow the wheelchair to move in a single bound.

“There’s nothing we can’t do with this wheelchair,” she said.

A lot of people don’t know how much money we save by using a wheelchair, said Pernas executive assistant.

“I think there are many people that don’t realize how much we saved by using this wheelchair.”

A college spokesperson said the college has been receiving many requests for help with its nursing care programs, and that the chair was the first one it donated.

The new nursing and care center is part of the college’s $10 million $500 million renovation of its campus.

The chair has been modified so it can sit upright and the nursing facility can be used as a room to hold patients or other people.

The school plans to open the new center to the public in 2021.