How to get credit on Wallace Community College, which recently raised $1.4 million

By Dan HagerCNNMoney”Wallace Community Colleges, a small public institution in New Jersey, raised more than $1 billion in a new round of funding from Goldman Sachs.

The deal is the latest in a string of large private-equity investments into private colleges that have seen their stock prices skyrocket as the economy has recovered.

The investment firm, which also includes private equity firm Blackstone, is also part of a broader wave of investment that has pushed up education costs for students.

Wallace was one of the schools that was targeted by the Trump administration to cut its budget by about 40%, or about $1,000 per student.

But the university is now on pace to reach the new $1 million per student target.

Wallaces principal, Michael Boulware, has vowed to return the money.”

Wallaces students are among the most talented and resilient in the nation and I believe this investment is a significant step in our efforts to attract and retain a highly-skilled workforce and help us meet our long-term mission of providing a high-quality education to every child in the state,” he said in a statement.

Boulware said he would take the money to fund renovations to the school.

Wallacks students also are among a number of schools that have been targeted by President Donald Trump in recent months for reductions in funding, including the University of Texas at Austin and Texas Tech University.

WallACE has been a leader in recruiting students to attend its public schools.

It has seen enrollment rise by 20% in the last three years, to nearly 17,000 students, as enrollment in its private-school program has dropped by more than 3,000.

Wallacs students also tend to have higher grades than their public-school peers, which can lead to higher test scores and an increase in their chances of going on to college.

Wallacles enrollment has been on a steady rise since the recession, but the school has struggled to compete with the likes of the University at Buffalo and the University, in New York.