How to get out of Spartanberg community college without getting a tattoo

The next time you hear someone say, “If you don’t have a tattoo, you can’t go to college,” don’t take their advice.

Spartanburger Community College has just announced that it will not accept tattoos for students.

“The Spartana College of Arts and Sciences has been committed to the success of our students for decades,” the college said in a statement.

“We do not want students to feel that they are not welcome on campus and we will not be accepting tattoos for enrollment.

We are also making it clear that tattoos are not allowed in dorms and are not permitted at the Spartans.””

We appreciate the commitment to inclusion and support from the community,” the statement continued.

“While we will no longer allow tattoos for enrolling students, the College will continue to promote inclusion in our community through educational and mentorship programs.

We encourage students to consider their options when considering a new tattoo or for any other tattoo.”

In addition, students will be able to purchase their own tattoos, which will remain available for purchase at

The announcement comes just two days after a number of colleges across the country announced that they were removing tattoos from their campuses.

The Associated Press broke down the latest college news: