How to help the Dakota community bank in the aftermath of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest

A bank branch in Minneapolis has opened to help Dakota residents affected by the Dakota Pipeline protest.

Dakota Community Bank of Minneapolis opened a branch in Sioux Falls on Tuesday, according to a statement posted on the bank’s website.

The branch opened as part of a “dedicated efforts to assist people impacted by the protests and to help with financial assistance and other forms of assistance, the bank said.

The Dakota Access pipeline protesters have shut down major highway, closed major highways, and prevented construction on key infrastructure in several states.

The bank has been unable to provide any information about how much the service costs or how many of its customers have made withdrawals from its account.

The bank said the account had not been used since February, when it began accepting debit and credit cards, and it had stopped processing payments due to the protest.

The protest in Sioux City, South Dakota has left hundreds of people dead and many more injured.