How to make a safe space in the Sandhills

It is a small community in rural County Cork, but it is not a small one.

It is the only one in the entire county, with a population of only 4,000 people.

This means there is one place that everyone can go if they want to.

But the locals have set up the SandHills Community College in an attempt to protect it from the worst of the weather.

They have built a large outdoor pool, a huge open-air amphitheatre and an indoor pool.

But what’s inside the pool is the real thing, as the locals put it.

“We’ve got an indoor tennis court, an outdoor tennis court with the same facilities as the outdoor one,” said Tom O’Brien, the college’s director.

“The only thing that’s different is that the indoor one has a better surface.”

The college is a joint venture between the Sandhill Community College and the County Council.

The community college is part of a programme that includes a range of sports, arts and culture, including an exhibition of the life of the great Irish explorer William of Orange.

It’s a unique programme for a community with a relatively small population.

“The kids from the SandHill community are so good, the children from the rest of the county are good too,” said O’Brian.

“It is a really good program, it is very well run and it is just a really lovely, peaceful community.”

The pool has been built by local residents and the community centre has been funded by the Cork County Council, with the College providing the space for the community to work together and have fun.

“It’s great that we can all come together to enjoy a couple of hours’ play in the pool,” said Kevin Walsh, the head of the local association.

“For us it is a great opportunity to get away from it all, and to have a little bit of time together.”

It is the same with the indoor pool, the main attraction of which is the tennis court.

“They have put in a fantastic outdoor tennis field,” said Dr John MacGregor, the College’s chief medical officer.

“They have also put in an indoor court.”

The outdoor tennis courts are also covered with a giant grassy hill, while the indoor courts are all open to the public.

“Our pool is very good for the kids to get up and down,” said Mr Walsh.

“You have to be a little careful in terms of the sand in there, but you can still have a great time.”

The College also runs a wide range of sporting events, including a football match on Saturday nights, as well as a basketball and tennis match.

It is also a safe haven for those in need, and with the help of the community, the community has taken on a few projects in recent years to help the community.

“There’s been some pretty good support over the years for people in need,” said Ms O’Reilly.

“One of our community partners, who was a homeless man, got a new wheelchair and that has made a difference for him.”

When you are homeless, you don’t have the money to go out to the shops or buy things like that, so we’ve been able to get some items for him.

“It’s also a great place for people to relax.”

As for the pool itself, there is plenty of room for everyone to swim in.””

We are the only pool that has a full range of seating.”

As for the pool itself, there is plenty of room for everyone to swim in.

“If you’re a little older and you have kids, it’s a really great place to go and get your kids to swim,” said Patrick O’Kelly, the swimming coach.

“There are people on the island who have a lot of children so it’s very easy for them to come up here.”

The indoor pool is only open to visitors, but everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it too.

“I think it’s great, we have a really nice pool, it has a good view, the sun shines all the time, the water is always nice, and the kids are having a great day,” said Conor O’Connor, the basketball coach.

“But what makes the pool so special is the kids who come up to us and tell us what they think of the water, what they’re enjoying, and how they like it.”