How to vote in your local county election

The Associated Press has confirmed that the company behind the popular Community Choice voting app that allows people to cast a ballot for local candidates in their counties has agreed to pay more than $1.4 million in penalties for illegally voting in its own elections.

The app, dubbed “The Vote,” lets people vote in their county elections using their Google account.

But that doesn’t mean they can vote in local elections themselves.

In a news release, the company, CalDwell, said the fine was issued after a complaint was filed with the Justice Department and other state and federal agencies.

“The app violated the federal Election Assistance Act (EAA), which requires app developers to ensure that voters are able to vote for their local candidates and elections officials.

The EAA also requires app users to maintain a record of their votes and vote at the polls,” the company said in a statement.”

These violations were identified during the EAA investigation.

Our company took steps to address the problem and we are pleased to now pay the full amount of the penalty.”

The company said it will refund the full $1,475 in fees that the Justice Dept. imposed on CalDwoll for the violations.

The Associated Press was unable to reach CalDwell for comment.

The California Department of Elections is a division of the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Associated Post was not able to reach state officials for comment about the fines levied by the Justice Departments Office of Inspector General.