New Hampshire school to pay $100M for health care coverage

The University of Massachusetts Medical School has agreed to pay the $100 million Hagerstown Community College will receive from the state to cover health care costs.

The agreement was reached Wednesday after an intense and long process, said John K. O’Sullivan, the president of the university.

The Hagerstrakes community college system had been in talks with the state since December, and it began the process last month, he said.

The agreement is contingent on the school maintaining its accreditation and getting a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, he added.

The hospital also agreed to help the Hagerstards pay for the costs of a new hospital in the Hagee Center campus in Hagertown, and to make improvements to the health care system in the community.

It also agreed not to change the curriculum, the health center or its services.

The deal also includes $5 million in new money from the Massachusetts Regional Foundation to help fund the community college.

The community college has had an agreement with the hospital to cover its medical and dental costs, but the hospital was under contract with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to provide the hospital’s care, O’Neill said.

Hagerstons Health System is about 130 miles southeast of Boston and has 1,300 students enrolled.

It has about 3,000 residents and is located about 80 miles south of New Haven, Conn.

The state is paying $3.5 million to cover costs of operating HagerStans medical facilities and $1 million to help pay for its operations, the department said.

The Massachusetts Health Department is also paying the Haginge Center to cover the costs for health insurance.