Penn State football community to receive $5 million donation to community center

By Chris JohnsonCommunity cast blood center (CCB) in the Penn State University Community Health Center is receiving a $5M donation.

The donation comes from Penn State’s Community Cast Blood Center (CCBC) as part of a $100,000 community health grant.

Penn State’s CCB is the largest blood donation program in the United States, and is located at the Penn School of Medicine.

The donation comes at a time of great economic challenges for the Penn campus, including cuts in state funding and layoffs.

Penn State is facing its worst financial crisis since the Great Recession, and a number of faculty and staff are considering leaving for other schools.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and Penn State Chancellor Nancy Cantor have said the CCB will be a priority for the state.

PennState’s CCBC will provide health care services and educational opportunities to all Penn State students, staff and alumni.

The Penn State Community Cast Health Center (CCHC) is an educational and medical center for people of all ages.

The center offers classes in basic blood-pressure management, infection prevention, cardiovascular care and blood clot prevention, and more.

The center’s clinical services are managed by the Penn University Health Care System (UPHCS) and have offices in both Philadelphia and Philadelphia.

The Penn State CCHC also has three other community centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Penn Health Network, the Penn Health Foundation, and Penn Penn State are among the philanthropic partners of the CCBC.

The CCBC is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive blood donation service provider for people ages 18-65.