‘Pissed off’: Parents of students who were bullied at Pitt community college say they’re ‘deeply embarrassed’

Students at Pitt Community College say they are “deeply upset” and are “shocked” that the school has been accused of being “unfair and unjust” in a lawsuit brought against the school by parents of students accused of bullying.

In a statement released Friday, the parents of 15 students say they were “deep, deeply disturbed” by the accusations in a complaint filed against the college on Feb. 18.

They said the school is not an environment where students can be safe, and that Pitt Community is “an extremely dangerous place for students.”

The Pitt parents are asking for unspecified damages and the court to order the school to “immediately take steps to prevent and respond to this type of harassment, including the immediate termination of the employment of any employee, a plan for immediate and meaningful consequences for the actions of the employees, and any other appropriate measures that the court deems appropriate.”

They said they have “no doubt” that “no one” at Pitt would tolerate students who are accused of engaging in “unlawful conduct” and “unwillingness to cooperate with the school administration and the law.”

They also added that “there is no reason to believe that the Pitt Community School System is a safe place to be a student.”

A Pitt spokesperson confirmed to CNN on Friday that the university is currently investigating the allegations, and will provide additional information as soon as it becomes available.