Students at Suffolk Community College say they’ll boycott classes if they can’t afford to pay for them

Students at the Suffolk Community and Technical College have voted overwhelmingly to boycott classes to protest a $4.2 million cut to the school’s budget, which will be implemented in 2018.

The students, who will be represented by the Students’ Union at the college, voted on Monday to vote down the cuts to the cost of a four-year bachelor’s degree by a vote of 75 to 28.

Suffolk Community College is the only public institution in the state to offer a bachelor’s in technology program.

The cuts will hit the school in 2018, when the average cost of tuition at Suffolk is $25,879.

The college is also facing financial pressures from a shrinking number of students and its limited resources.

Students who cannot afford to attend classes will have their fees refunded, according to the vote.

Sufcans are already facing a significant increase in tuition bills due to a state budget that cut funding for college education by almost $4 billion in 2018 and the expiration of state budget surpluses, according a Suffolk Community college spokeswoman.

The vote was part of a growing movement by students to demand that Suffolk County schools address tuition increases and funding cuts that have resulted in many students dropping out of school.

The students want the schools to take more action to provide a more equitable education for students and to reduce their financial burden.

Seward, a student at the school, told Business Insider he wants the college to provide affordable education.

He also wants Suffolk to make investments in programs that will help students who are struggling financially, like a college scholarship program for students who can’t find jobs, or scholarships for those who don’t have a high school diploma.