‘The Bachelor’ returns to ABC, NBC with Dean Community Movie

A ‘The Bachelorette’ movie that premiered in 2017 will make its return to ABC and NBC next year, with the show’s original cast joining director Chris O’Donnell and producer Scott Aukerman in a new movie.

The film, which will be directed by O’Neill, is a comedy starring Dean and Camila as the first two ladies on “The Bachelor” and “The Bitch” (as they are referred to by the show).

It was written by Odom and directed by Aukman.

Odom and Aukmen, who also co-wrote “The Last Man on Earth,” are producing and executive producing the film.

Odom previously worked with Odom on the TV comedy series “A Night at the Museum” and as a writer for the upcoming “Dirty Jobs” TV show, as well as the upcoming Netflix series “The Way You Move.”

The film’s script is also being adapted from the “Bachelorett” books by David Fincher.

The “Bachelor” season 22 finale aired on ABC in May, and will air on the network for the next two years.

It was the last episode to air before the show wrapped.

O’Donnell, who directed and wrote the first season of the show, will serve as showrunner and exec producer for the new film, while Aukeman will serve on the show as a producer and writer.

Odo will serve alongside director John Hodge, who co-produced the film with O’Donovan.

They will be joined by producer Chris Odom, who has worked on several “Bees” movies.

Odonovan is best known for the 2010 thriller “Dance Moms” and the upcoming film “The Long Kiss Goodnight.”

His other credits include “Titanic,” “The Avengers,” “Lion” and several other feature films.

Odonovan, who is currently on a break from “The Big Bang Theory,” will direct the movie.

O’Doherty, who was most recently a producer on the hit Fox comedy “I Am Cait,” is also a producer.

“Dean Community Movie” will be produced by Odoherty, Odom’s production company and Odom Productions.

Aukers production company is also involved in the project.

The movie will be released by Universal Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures Classics.

“The Bachelor,” which ended in 2015, was created by Odonan and Hodge.

It aired on Fox and CBS from 2006 to 2013.

Odoney, Odonon and Haddock are the producers.

ODoherty has written the script and executive produces.