The most dangerous colleges in America, ranked

On Wednesday, the National Association of Colleges and Employers released a list of the country’s most dangerous college campuses, with four campuses receiving a “D” grade.

The list was released in response to a petition calling for a moratorium on all new federal grants to colleges.

The list also includes eight institutions on the list that receive a “B” or lower.

The ranking is based on a review of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which calculates annual rates of job loss due to job displacement, according to the news release.

The most recent numbers show that at least 12,600 jobs have been lost nationwide in the past two years, the release said.

The five campuses on the top 10 list are:Auburn University, Alabama;Bemidji State University, Minnesota;University of Alabama at Birmingham;Wyoming State University;and Virginia Commonwealth University.

The four campuses on this list that were previously rated a “C” or “D”:California State University at San Marcos;Columbia University;Northwestern University; and University of Georgia.

The two campuses that received a “A” or higher are:Georgia State University and Southern Utah University.