The world’s top 10 most common mistakes people make with emoji

I spent a few hours with a new emoji, which is a thing people use to mark themselves up in emoji circles, and it’s not all that great.

They’re not even the best.

This emoji is the worst emoji I’ve seen all year.1.

The words “I love you” are superimposed over the emoji, like a “t-shirt.”

I can’t even imagine how they must feel.2.

The emoji reads “I’m sorry.”

But the emoji also reads “Thank you,” “I like you,” or “I want you.”

This emoji doesn’t even come close to representing what a true apology would look like.3.

There are some emoji where the word “thank you” has been replaced with “I miss you.”

It’s the worst.4.

The word “I,” along with the emoji word “love,” are all in the same font.

If the word was in the original font, it would be too small.5.

The font is all caps.

I’m a sucker for caps, and I can totally see this emoji being used to replace “love” in situations where the actual word “sadness” is being used as a substitute.6.

The characters “E,” “s” and “O” have been replaced by a bunch of smaller characters.

I hate these tiny caps, especially because they make it harder to read.7.

The letter “C” has disappeared.

I think I just noticed.8.

The letters “O,” “C,” and “C++” are all missing.

I know, I know.

I just can’t stand it.9.

The character “E” has gone from “e” to “h” or “d.”

The character that has changed is “C.”10.

The “s,” “c” and/or “c++” characters are missing.

That’s all you need to know.