UK health plan to help community banks expand coverage

Community banks in the UK will now be able to offer health plans for their employees, under a plan which has been introduced by UnitedHealthcare.

The changes, which will come into force from July 1, are being hailed by charities as a major boost for the countrys health service, with some saying it will help to drive up the cost of healthcare.

“We are delighted that the NHS is providing the opportunity for our community banks to offer their own insurance and to offer the same coverage as their employer,” said Anna Molloy, general manager of the British Lung Foundation, which has worked with the NHS on this issue.

“As part of this move, we are pleased to welcome our member banks to join the UK Health Plan and are looking forward to seeing what they can offer.”

In addition to offering coverage for community banks, the plan will give them the ability to extend their existing business model to provide their customers with an even more cost-effective way to get the best healthcare, the charity said.

“This is a big step forward for the UK, where we have seen a slow and slow trickle of new businesses and businesses coming in, but now it is coming together,” Mollow added.

“It’s great to see this new approach being adopted by all the UK’s community banks.”

In October, the United Kingdom announced plans to introduce the first universal primary health plan for the NHS, which would be available to all of its health workers by 2021.

This is not the first time the NHS has made the switch to offering its employees insurance.

In October 2016, it announced plans for a universal primary plan for its employees, which included a range of benefits including free medication, access to GP surgeries and other services.