‘We’re not going to let them steal our jobs’: Students at community college protest ‘stolen’


— Students at a community college in Virginia are demanding that their bank accounts be frozen and their students be banned from using the internet.

On Thursday, the Community Credit Union of Virginia’s student union held a news conference calling for the community college to take the steps to freeze the accounts of students, and for all community credit unions in the state to ban students from using their websites and social media accounts to promote political causes.

The students said they had not received any notification from the bank, but that they were still worried.

“We’re getting a lot of emails, phone calls and messages,” said Jessica Rennie, a senior.

“We’ve received emails, letters and texts.”

The students also said they were concerned about the safety of students who were using the sites, and that they feared for their jobs if the banks froze their accounts.

“We’ve been in constant contact with the bank.

I don’t know if the bank has already shut them down, but they haven’t,” said sophomore Rachel Hodge.

“They just have to shut it down.

It’s a very dangerous situation.”

A spokesperson for Community CreditUnion of Virginia said that it is investigating the matter and will release more information when appropriate.

Students say they’ve been told to check with their bank, and if it freezes their accounts, to contact the bank immediately.

The students, who were scheduled to attend a community event on Thursday, said they have been receiving harassing emails and texts.

One student said she has been told she will be fired if she doesn’t comply.

Students are also demanding that the bank stop using the social media platform Instagram, which they say has been used to promote politically incorrect ideas.

Some students have taken to the Twitter platform to criticize the community bank for not acting.

More than 2,500 students have signed an online petition calling for a boycott of the community credit union.