What do I do when I find out my daughter has cancer?

An elderly couple from California’s northern California county, who had been battling cancer for five years, told The Jerusalem Report they have now discovered the cancer had returned, in full force, and they had been told to get chemotherapy.

The couple, who requested anonymity due to their condition, told the newspaper they had started chemotherapy, but had not yet been given the results.

They had just been informed of the cancer’s return, which they attributed to the fact that they were in the middle of the county’s annual summer celebration.

The cancer was first diagnosed in February 2016, according to Dr. Elisabeth Kastner, the medical director of UCSF’s Center for Genomic Medicine, and is spread by direct contact with an infected person’s blood.

It is spread through inhalation, and when the cancer is aggressive, it can spread through the lymph nodes and can cause the cancer to spread to other organs, including the brain.

In some cases, the cancer can be spread to the lungs, according the UCSF website.

It has also been linked to a number of other cancers, including breast, ovarian and lung cancer.

In addition to chemotherapy, many patients are also taking medication to treat their cancer.

Many have tried several different medications and taken other anti-cancer drugs.

But in the case of the elderly couple, they were told to stop taking the chemotherapy, and that they should be allowed to continue to take their medication.

Kastner said that when they started taking their medications, it seemed to slow the progression of their cancer, but after about two months, they stopped taking their medication altogether.

The cancer was then found in their liver and lungs.

According to the couple, the family had been looking forward to returning to their home state of California, where they had recently been living for decades.

The couple’s daughter is 60 years old, and the couple was told she would not be able to return to California until she had completed chemotherapy.

However, when she finally returned home, they discovered her cancer had gone into remission.

“We were just shocked,” said the woman.

“I think we were a little bit surprised.

We never expected it to be cancer.

The doctors told us it was just normal.

I just think we never thought we would have to take this medicine.”

Kastners medical team is now working with the elderly woman to determine if chemotherapy was the cause of the disease.

“If they had just started chemo, we would not have known, but it’s just something we never knew,” the woman said.

The woman also told the Los Angeles Times that she hopes the couple can have a positive impact on others as they have done for them.

“They have helped us with our health, they’ve helped us in many ways, and it’s nice to know they’ve made a difference for others,” she said.