What it’s like to be a Trump supporter and a racist in 2017

Donald Trump has long been a racist, but the man he ran against in the 2016 election has also been one of the most prolific of them.

That was the case in 2017, when Trump, now president-elect, was the Republican nominee for president in the US.

It’s one of many ways Trump has used his office to perpetuate and legitimise racist, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant sentiment in the country, as his administration has moved to restrict immigration and restrict Muslims from entering the US, and has even banned Muslim refugees from entering for now.

But even before the election, the man who ran on a campaign that claimed to stand for “America first” was a racist.

The man who took office with a pledge to build a wall to keep Mexicans out of the US was a white supremacist.

He also called for a crackdown on Muslims and a ban on Muslim refugees.

The president-to-be is the poster boy for the anti-immigration movement in America, and the man in the White House who has led the charge against it.

So, what does it mean to be one?

Read more In 2017, Trump made an appearance on the episode of the Netflix series Making a Murderer, where he spoke about his plans for a wall on the US-Mexico border.

“We have a wall.

It will be the biggest wall in the world,” Trump said.

“It will be a wall of steel and steel and glass and so much more.”

“It’s going to be like a great, great wall,” he said.

But as it turned out, that wall was never going to happen.

The wall Trump referred to was a construction project called the US–Mexico border wall.

The plan was to build “10 miles of fencing” along the border, in the form of fencing that was made from reinforced concrete, which was meant to be “a durable, tough, flexible, durable material that is a strong, hard material”.

But it wasn’t quite the durable, stiff, and tough that Trump said it would be.

The US–Mexican border is one of two major land borders in the United States.

The other is the Rio Grande, which stretches for thousands of miles across the US and across Canada and Mexico.

“The US-Mexican Border Wall” was supposed to be an enormous barrier.

“In my opinion, it is the most useless, useless, stupid, stupid thing I have ever seen in the history of mankind,” Trump told Making a Murder.

And in his campaign, Trump was clear that he wanted the wall to be made out of concrete.

He called for building a “wall of steel”, a “big, beautiful wall” that would “keep out everything” that could “stop you”.

But when the project was first proposed in the early 1990s, it didn’t even exist.

“I’m not going to do that,” Trump had said in 1992, according to an account by the New York Times.

“No wall is ever going to work.”

“We are going to build something really stupid, we are going and I’m going to put steel on it and you’re going to look at it and say: ‘What’s that all about?

That’s a stupid thing.'”

“We’re going build a great wall that nobody’s ever heard of before,” Trump also said.

And he was right.

But that wasn’t the only reason Trump had no idea what a “great wall” even was.

A decade later, the construction of a “Great Wall of China” in a bid to stop China from entering US territory was announced.

The border wall Trump talked about, the “Great wall of China”, was never built.

It never even got the name “Great”.

The wall was just a construction boom in China, and China didn’t build it.

Trump was wrong to suggest that it was.

The “Greatwall of China is just a temporary construction project.”

The real reason for building the wall was to keep people out of China.

The United States is the world’s largest trading partner with China, but it is also a major competitor in Asia, where China has grown to dominate the market.

“China is going to dominate for decades to come, but they’re going through a great change right now,” Donald Trump said at a press conference in 2020.

Trump went on to claim that China was building a wall “10 times taller than the Great Wall of Japan”.

The real-world wall that Trump and his team were referring to was not the Great Barrier Reef, but a wall that the US had constructed to keep migrants from entering, but which was never completed.

The real wall Trump was referring to in 2017 was a wall the US built to keep immigrants from entering and to keep the US from being the biggest trading partner in the region.

“There are no walls in the World.

We have no borders,” Trump famously told supporters at his victory rally in November.

“If you look at our country, you see a country that is