When will I be able to use the new blood bank?

The UK government has agreed to allow a new blood donation centre in Britain to operate at its former site, the University of Nottingham. 

The blood bank will operate on the former university premises, where it currently has a large number of blood donors.

The centre, set to open in October 2018, will be located in the former campus of the University Hospital Nottingham, which was demolished in 2013. 

According to the government, the centre will be a “transformational project” and will bring in up to 500 new donors per year. 

“The University of Bristol is a leading medical research and teaching institution, which has a reputation for excellence in blood and transplantation,” the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) said in a statement. 

 The Blood and Transplant Society (BTTS) welcomed the move, saying: “We welcome the announcement that the University has agreed a strategic partnership with the City of Nottingham to transform the University’s former blood bank into a new centre for donation.” 

The new blood banks have been criticised for being too small and having to be staffed by volunteers, and have faced complaints that some donors were not registered on the register.

The BTTS, which runs the Blood Donor Register, said that more than 300,000 blood donors in England were registered on this register, but that more were not. 

In 2016, the Government pledged to introduce a register for the first time in the UK. Image: BBC