When you can’t get the kids to the church, the church has an escape plan

The church of the Stanly community is home to a number of students, many of whom are attending college in Massachusetts.

The church has a church-owned school and several community colleges that serve its students, according to the community bible church.

When students can’t attend classes, they can use the church’s facility.

“We are really grateful that they are able to attend our church for services,” said the church leader, Rev. Christopher C. Robinson, to the Herald.

“The kids are very excited about going to church and they are not embarrassed.

I would like to say that the kids have not been asked to participate in any activities.

We do have a lot of opportunities to be active, even if they don’t participate.”

The church, located on Route 7 in Stanly, also has a mobile church for children and young adults.

The community bible school, which also serves the Stanley community, is located at 2120 West Main St. in Oakton, where students are welcome to attend services.

The school’s students come from across the state, and many attend for their own religious reasons, said the school’s superintendent, Matthew C. Mims.

There are about 500 children in the school, with about 50 receiving religious instruction from the church.

The church also hosts an evening event for adults, called the Faithful Funeral Service, which is open to all.

“The parents and the church go out of their way to make sure that the children are happy,” Robinson said.

“I think they are really happy.

They do a great job.

They’re good people.

They don’t do anything wrong.

They are very respectful.”

The Stanly school has a mission to provide education to the children and help them make better choices, Mims said.

“We want to make it so they have the confidence to make their own choices.

That is the mission of the church,” Mims told The Herald.