When you lose your job: Is it time to get a second career?

The community college in southwest Denver is the newest member of a growing community of schools that have come under fire for having no-show deadlines and no-bookings.

A year ago, the community college was the only school in Denver to have a “no-book” policy, meaning students couldn’t have bookings during the school day or book a book from the library.

Last week, the school announced it would open a second library, and it also announced a $20,000 scholarship for students to go to summer classes in community colleges.

The school, a nonprofit, said it will host its second library in 2018.

The new library will house a collection of more than 700 books and magazines from community colleges across Colorado, and will have a full-time staff of more a half-dozen.

Students who want to go back to college for a second time will still be required to take courses in community college for two years, but the library will be able to accept students for up to eight months of classes.

Students in Denver who have lost their jobs or were laid off, or who had to relocate because of health issues, are looking for a new career, but are unsure about what the next steps will be.

Students at the community center say they’re just trying to make it through a stressful time, and are looking forward to the opportunity to do some community service.

“We have a great library, but it’s a little slow,” said one student, who asked that his name not be used.

“I can’t find books that I really want to read.”

Students who are in the process of moving to another college or college-owned library are being offered an opportunity to work from home or on the campus.

One student who’s interested in taking classes at a community college says she would like to help out in the community in some way.

“I’m interested in working on things like the library and some of the libraries,” said the student, whose name has been withheld.

“It would be really nice if I could help out and have a place to stay.”

Another student who was also moved to another community college said he’s considering taking a year off to work at a library.

“It’s going to be really tough, and I think it’s something that people should really consider, and be aware of,” said another student, named Jordan.

“You have to have that time to just kind of relax and think about what’s going on.”

Another students said the school has a history of not meeting students’ needs.

“The library is just a part of the college experience,” said a third student, called Katie.

“If we have to get our books delivered, then it’s really important to have our books there.”

That’s just the way the community is.

They don’t have a lot of resources.