When you’re not paying the bills, what you need to pay for is a library

CLEVELAND, Ohio — You need a library to stay current on the news, read your news, and keep up with the news.

But where do you find one?

The Cleveland Public Library is the most popular library in the city.

More than 6.3 million patrons a year use the Cleveland Public Libraries, and it is home to more than 500 branches across the city, including the Cleveland Police Academy, The Cleveland Public Schools and the Cleveland State University Libraries.

The library system’s mission is to provide access to the information people need to engage with the world, and to connect them to resources and resources for the community.

It’s a mission that runs through the library’s collection of nearly 400 million books.

At its core, the Cleveland Library is a community resource.

The library’s mission includes:Educating people about local history, geography, science, art and culture, public policy, and the artsCommunity engagement with the people and events of the cityCommunity engagement that supports and supports the arts in ClevelandCommunity engagement through the arts and culture that supports local businesses and communitiesCommunity engagement in the arts that supports the health and well-being of our communitiesCommunity-based learning, including workshops, events, lectures, and cultural programmingCommunity-focused learning in the library to engage people in local and regional history, art, geography and scienceCommunity-centered learning to help people connect with local and national history, culture, arts and community resourcesCommunity-oriented programming in the libraries to connect people with the arts, arts, sciences and the outdoorsCommunity-led programming in libraries to encourage local, regional and national storiesCommunity-serving programs, including a monthly summer program, arts programming and other initiativesCommunity-service programs, such as a mentoring program and a summer camp, and a Summer Learning programCommunity-supported learning and education in the communityCommunity-driven and local community events and cultural programsCommunity-inspired events in the public library, including public and civic eventsCommunity-sponsored events in public libraries and in other locations, such and community events in other librariesCommunity-sustaining programming in library branchesCommunity-operated and community-operated community eventsCommunity programming in local librariesCommunity programming on the Cleveland WaterfrontCommunity-generated events in libraries and other locationsCommunity-assisted learning in librariesCommunity service projects in librariesThe Cleveland Libraries is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

For more information, visit www.clevelandlibrary.org or call 888-255-2420.