Which is the most important part of your life?

The answer is crossroads community college and its community health center.

Both are located in the heart of the county’s booming business district.

But they are separate institutions.

Crossroads Community College is run by the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Legacy Community Health is an on-campus community health facility.

Both were built on the same site.

“The biggest difference is the location,” said Michael Stoll, executive director of the Twin Cities Area Association of Community Health Centers.

Stoll said Crossroads Health has a larger facility and has a bigger staff.

He added that Legacy Health has more than 200 health professionals and a larger campus.

“You’re dealing with two different institutions,” he said.

“You have to make sure that you’re not going to duplicate the problems that you have on either institution.”

Health experts say the two schools are equally important.

But the two campuses are separated by about a mile and a half of road.

So the two most critical pieces of the puzzle are different.

Strayer said Legacy Health’s staffs have helped Crossroads to stay afloat.

“In Legacy, we have about 70 employees and the staff there is more than double what we have at Crossroads,” Stoll said.

In Crossroads, the staff is smaller and the facilities are bigger, Stoll added.

But Legacy Health staffs are all residents, so they’re not as familiar with each other.

“They’re kind of an anomaly,” he explained.

“So if you were to ask us, ‘Which is the best place for me to live in Minnesota?’

The answer, if you asked us today, is Crossroads.”

The two schools offer the same types of services.

But Stoll says Legacy Health provides more care.

And Stoll believes Crossroads will remain a valuable part of the community health system.

“If we’re going to maintain that, then we’re doing that by having a facility that can be truly trusted, that is fully staffed, that has a high level of care,” he added.

“That is what we’re working to achieve here at Legacy.”