Why do college students at the Hawkeye Community College in Iowa keep going?

A group of Iowa students are not letting their students go to the Hawkeyes Community College because they don’t want to go to a class where they’ll be exposed to the flu.

The students of Hawkeye College in Des Moines, Iowa, are taking the flu vaccine, but not because they’re tired of teaching class.

Instead, they’re worried the virus is spreading to the school and students are taking a class in the cafeteria that is not safe.

Hawkeye’s student health center said it is monitoring the students.

“We’ve had an incident in the last week or so where students were being taken to the cafeteria without a nurse there to take care of them,” said student safety director Jennifer DeBruyn.

“There’s an incident where a student came to us and said that there were two people who were in the classroom who weren’t vaccinated,” said DeBriyn.

The student safety team is working to determine who the two people are, and is looking into the possibility of contacting the student who reported them to campus police.

The student said the two students are being treated for the flu at the hospital.

The Hawkeyes community college campus is not in Iowa, but the students in the school have reported a significant increase in cases.

The college is also seeing more students being hospitalized.

“I think that we’re seeing an increase in the number of cases in the students and the number is up in the faculty as well,” said Dr. Michael DeBrio, the community health officer for Hawkeye.

“We’re just seeing a spike right now.”

The student also said the flu has infected some students and faculty members.

“Some students and some faculty are getting sicker,” said deBrio.

The school is in the process of testing all the students for the virus, but students have also been asking staff to get vaccinated and bring them to the hospital for testing.

The campus is now closed for the holidays, but many students and staff are working on making sure everyone is tested before they return.